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The i70s multifunction gives you the flexibility to display instrument and navigation data that is most important to you. 

Equipped with a bold and bright 4.1” display the i70s is easy-to-customize with digital, analog and graphical displays of depth, speed, wind and more. 

Add the i70s to your existing Raymarine instrument system or create a network of i70s displays and sensors, the choice is yours.



  • Oversized, sunlight-viewable 4.1” LCD display
  • Multiple color palette options for optimal day and night viewing
  • Optical bonding enhances brightness, maximizes contrast, and eliminates fogging
  • Large, clear characters up to 43mm/1.7-inches high for easy reading
  • AIS repeater allows viewing of nearby Automatic Identification System targets
  • Data views include Wind, Speed, Depth, Tridata, Engine, Environment, Fuel and Navigation
  • SeaTalkNG, NMEA2000 and SeaTalk network compatible
  • Compact footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Surface mount or optional trunnion mount kit



The i70s places frequently used navigation functions right at your fingertips. The LightHouse instrument interface is consistent with Raymarine LightHouse multifunction displays, so Raymarine chartplotter users will feel right at home with the i70s.



Raymarine i70s allows for connectivity to the following on board networks:

  • First generation SeaTalk networks using a SeaTalk to SeaTalkNG adapter cable
  • Current generation SeaTalkNG networks
  • NMEA2000 networks using a SeaTalkNG to DeviceNet adaptor
  • In addition to flexible networking capability the i70s features user-selectable data sources, for integration with multi-sensor networks.

AIS Repeater

Display AIS targets from NMEA 2000 AIS receivers. View the closest 25 AIS-equipped vessels and select individual targets to obtain vessel information.

Transducer Connectivity

Pair i70s instruments with the innovative iTC-5 instrument transducer converter for seamless integration with analog depth, wind, speed, compass and rudder transducer. Alternatively, you can network the i70s to DST800 and p79s Airmar smart transducers.

i70s Display - E70327

SKU: E70327
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