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Combining both speed and depth data, the i50 Tridata instrument display is a multifunctional solution for displaying depth, speed, log, and water temperature information. The i50 Tridata display combines the features of its Depth and Speed siblings into a single, powerful, space-saving instrument. Tridata’ s 3-line display is simple to read at a distance, with oversized readouts for critical depth and speed values. Its high-contrast LCD, large digits, and red backlighting combine to deliver superior visibility under all conditions. i50 instruments also support local and group dimming control. This makes it easy to adjust the brightness of multiple Raymarine products all at once. Simple push button controls provide easy access to all its data displays. i50 series instruments are the perfect combination of powerful performance, easy operation and rugged reliability.



  • 3-line viewing of Depth, Speed, and Log/Temperature data
  • Red backlighting enhances night visibility
  • SeaTalkNG, NMEA2000 and SeaTalk network compatible
  • Built-in depth and speed/temperature transducer interface
  • Compact footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Surface mount or optional trunnion mount kit


All i50 instruments are designed to fully integrate with Raymarine’s autopilots and other navigation equipment, including the i60. Each i50 instrument can be configured as a Master display, hosting its own transducer, or as a Repeater display, showing information from another source on the network. i50 instruments are SeaTalkNG network-ready and can be easily adapted to connect to NMEA2000 or older SeaTalk networks.

i50 Tridata Display - E70060

SKU: E70060
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